Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All of our Pets

The first pet I am going to talk about is Baker. He is our beagle. When he farts, you have to go to a different room quickly. He is really stinky, but I love him anyway. He is unusual because beagles are not supposed to have body odor or eye boogers but he does. I got Baker for my birthday about two years ago. I love him!

The next pet I am going to talk about is a cat, and her name is Aldo. The reason she is called Aldo and Aldo is a boy name is that our dad thought she was a boy. Then the vet told him that she was a girl! She has really stinky breath. It is almost as stinky as Baker's farts. Almost. She is a tabby cat, and she is ten years old. She is black and gray.

Lucky is our other cat. He is only three. He is friends with Baker, but not with Aldo. My brother, Max, got him for his birthday because he loves cats. He is really fast, way faster than me. He is a black and white short-haired cat. His scratches hurt, but he only does it to play. He doesn't know it hurts you!

My dad has a tarantula named Liz. She doesn't scare me, but she would if she escaped. She molts sometimes. That means that she sheds her old skin. That sounds gross, but it is really cool.

We also have six mice. They are all girls. Their fur is white. They are cute, but we can't take them out of their cages because they might run away.

We also have some cockroaches, guppies, and snails.


  1. Hi Gray!

    I like your post--it's really funny!!!


  2. Loved your post, Gray! Man, ain't that the truth about Baker and his gas problem!

    I'd say "Love, Mom" but you wouldn't like that, so I'll just say "Bye" instead.

  3. It isn't as easy as you think telling if a cat is a boy or a girl!

  4. I really like your post! - Max

  5. Hi Gray! I'm your mom's friend Ana. I really liked your post too! That's funny that your dad thought Aldo was a boy. Something similar happened when we got my cat Calvin. We were all convinced he was a she until he went to the vet! Fortunately we hadn't decided on a name yet :P

  6. I love cats but I'm allergic. But that doesn't stop our neighbor from asking me to take care of Hamlet and Hercules when they go out of town. Herc is a really cool pale orange-y color like peach or salmon but he would hate that such colors were being used to describe him cuz he's very tough.

    Looking forward to more from you Gray!

  7. I think you should give both your parents huge hugs for making it possible for one family to have so many usual and unusual pets. The most animals we've ever had at a time was one dog, five cats, one guinea pig, and two frogs. There was the tiny snake that got duct-taped to the wall, too, but that was before the guinea pig and frogs.

  8. Hi Gray! Like Ana, I am friends with your mom so I thought I'd stop by and say hey. I loved reading about all your pets. I'd definitely be scared to death of that tarantula! Sorry about Baker's farting. Our dog, Lexi, passes gas a lot, too--and it stinks!! Like clear the whole room kind of stink. Other than that she's a pretty good dog. I hope you have a great day!

  9. Pets? Sounds like a zoo!!! :) It must really be an adventure to live there.

    What is it about dogs and farts. Now I know we humans can make some pretty bad smells, but dog farts really are the worst, aren't they?

  10. Hi Gray. I am one of your mom's friends too! Boy you have a lot of pets. We only have one Beta fish. His name is Lucky too! My son thought that if he named him lucky he would live a long time.

    Have you ever heard of the book called, "Walter the Farting Dog"? You should ask your mom to get it for you. It's pretty funny!

    take care,

  11. You have some terrific pets, Gray. When I was little (a long time ago) my sister had a pet turtle she named Alphonso. He used to crawl up the little plastic palm tree that was in the middle of his turtle bowl. My sister also taught him how to do a dance she called "the turtle mombo." Boy, it's been a long time since I thought about Alphonso and what a good pet he was - and very smart for a turtle. I had a dog named Mr. Magoo, and he and I were best friends. Love your blog, you are a very good writer.

  12. I loved your post Gray!! We have a cat at home. His name is Oliver and he has really stinky breath too!!